Homeschooling at TLPK provides

– A supportive community, including a monthly support group meeting for home schooling parents, a closed Facebook group, mailing list, traditional homeschoolers’ autumn day in Tartu, and more.
– Supervised co-learning days and support for parent-initiated co-learning.
– Advice and services of homeschooling coordinators and support specialists.


Two options for homeschooling at TLPK

a) Homeschooling under parent’s supervision

Traditional homeschooling, recommended to parents with previous experience, clear goals, and sufficient daily time resources. The family designs an individual curriculum for the homeschooler (based on the school curriculum), organizes learning, monitors learning outcomes and participates in a development discussion with the homeschooling coordinator once a semester where the homeschoolers present their study portfolio. The study portfolio may include:
– Objectives set for the half-year and the evaluation of achievement (lists and summaries of various activities);
– Homeschooler’s self-reflection, ie evaluation of how well the objectives were fulfilled, what needs to be practiced next semester, etc.;
– Sample works with comments by parent and homeschoolers;
– Photos and videos of art works, study trips, practical works, and everything else the family wants to share.


b) Homeschooling under coordinator’s supervision

Homeschooling under coordinator’s supervision is recommended for parents who have no previous experience, no clear goals, and no sufficient daily time resources. In option B, the individual curriculum for the homeschooler is designed by the coordinator who then monitors the achievement of learning outcomes via weekly assignments provided over the web. Once a semester, the family participates in a development discussion, during which:
– Coordinator summarizes the objectives set and how these have been achieved;
– Homeschoolers evaluate the extent to which the goals have been met, what needs to be practised next semester, etc .;
– Learning is planned for the next half-year.

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